Winter Fire Safety

February 7, 2019 9:38 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Here in the New England region, we are accustomed to harsh winter weather and the consequences of it such as loss of power or the need to turn up the heat even higher to stay warm. Here at Instant Alarm, we think about the house and our personal safety when the weather changes. In today’s blog, we want to review a few safety measures that you can take in regards to using generators, portable heaters, and candles during the seemingly inevitable storms that Mother Nature will send our way for the remainder of this winter season.


Heating Safety:

Did you know that December, January, and February are the peak months for heating fires? Heating fires are the second leading cause of home fires in the United States according to the National Fire Protection Association. Space heaters are the main cause of these home heating fires followed by wood burning stoves and fireplaces. One precaution all homeowners can take is to keep all materials that can burn several feet away from these heating elements. In addition, be sure that there is a safe zone around these sources of heat where children cannot play. With these forms of heat being used in your home, you will also want to be sure that your CO detector is in good working condition as well as your smoke and heat sensors. If you have questions about these systems, call Instant Alarm to have them evaluated and/or installed.


Generator Safety:

Every winter our region gets hit with a storm or two that knocks out power. This can happen for a few hours or a few days! It is no wonder that many homeowners have portable generators to run the basic needs of their home. Generators, however, have some risks even though the solution to the power outage may be brief. One of the main risks includes using a generator in an area where there is little to no ventilation. Carbon monoxide is produced from the use of this equipment so if the generator is placed near your home, that odorless, colorless gas could make your family sick or even be life-threatening. Keep generator away from windows, doors, and garages with access to the home.


Candle Safety:

Candles, while pretty and functional during storms, can be hazardous. Remember that candles are an open flame that should be watched constantly. Be sure that there is at least a foot between your candle and anything that can burn. Never leave a candle burning in a room alone and never allow children to light or play near them. If there is a power outage, try using flashlights instead. If you are using a candle as a decoration, use one that is protected by glass or is placed on a clear, uncluttered, sturdy surface.


To all our readers, please take these precautions this winter as fires and CO poisonings are devastating and most of the time preventable. If you have questions about the safety of your home or would like to look into a fire/CO warning system or alarm system this year, call Instant Alarm at 800-499-9070 or visit our website at