Physical Security for Your Business 

April 8, 2020 8:16 am Published by

For years we have heard the warnings about cyber security and the need to shore up networks and sensitive business data. It’s true that the digital aspects of your business need to be carefully secured. But did you know that the physical security of your business is equally important? The access and surveillance of your business property is paramount to maintaining the physical security of your company. Instant Alarm can help. 

Controlling the physical security of your office and sensitive data is just as important as maintaining security on the digital side. Let’s take a closer look at how you can secure your parking lots, lighting, locking systems, access to sensitive areas, and overall surveillance. 

Access Controls 

Controlling who can access what areas of your office or building is critical to maintaining physical security. Our specialists at Instant Alarm can work with you regardless of whether your office has a single point of entry or is located in a larger facility where multiple entry points are needed. 

Our access control system can limit who can gain entry to your business, or specific areas of your business depending upon their security level. Among other features, our systems can: designate entry by individual, provide you with a report of persons entering your facility, deny access unless a key pass card is first presented, and limit access to computer and file rooms, and other areas where critical and confidential information is kept. 

Security CCTV camera in office building

Security Cameras and Surveillance 

Security cameras and surveillance can be a strong deterrent to both external threats as well as possible internal threats. Cameras can not only provide you with evidence of criminal activity in the hope of catching criminals, but in truth CCTV can actually deter intruders too. 

Our Instant Alarm camera systems allow you to: 

  • Take advantage of high definition picture quality
  • Easily search for an event or incident
  • Record and replay an incident for internal or law enforcement review
  • View your camera remotely from anywhere on your smart device or computer to view employees, customers or the work place environment. 
  • Cameras can be placed at access points, near computers that contain data, and in parking lots just to name a few areas. 

Safety Monitoring 

Along with concerns regarding intruders, theft, and potential crimes by employees, our systems can also monitor your business for threats such as fire, CO, smoke, water, and more. Talk to our specialists today about ways to enhance your company’s physical security from access control to threats of all varieties. Our team can evaluate your property and determine what your specific needs are. From there, we can design a security system that will maintain the security of your business 24/7.