Summer Safety Tips for Your Home

July 8, 2020 9:03 am Published by

Most people think of summer as a time to cut loose and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is absolutely true. But while you are savoring the sun, there are still some areas of your home that need safekeeping. 

Just because the calendar has turned to the summer months doesn’t mean you should forget about your home and your family’s safety. Here are a few tips from our team to keep your property and family summer safe. 

Maintain Strict Security Practices

While it may be tempting to loosen up on security during the summer months, the United States Department of Justice reports that the warmer months tend to see a spike in property crimes including break ins and theft. Families often relax and forget about small things like closing and locking windows, setting alarms, or even handing out security codes to friends and family who may be caring for the home. Don’t let the summer months lull you into a sense of false security. Maintain your security protocols like locking doors and windows even when you are in the backyard. 


Proper Grill and Fire Pit Use 

Summer is also the prime season for grilling and entertaining around a fire pit. It’s great to get out and enjoy all that this season can offer including socializing around a fire pit during a cookout. Just remember to use safety precautions while using these items. 

Always clean your grill between uses to avoid grease fires and flare ups. Keep a working fire extinguisher nearby just in case you do have an accident. Keep children away from the grill and require that someone keep an eye on the area at all times. Never leave the grill unattended. 

Fire pits may be fun but use them with safety in mind. Keep fire pits away from wooden structures like your garage, home, or shed. Never leave the fire unattended and properly care for the ashes in a metal container after you are through with the fire pit. 

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Vacation Awareness 

If you plan a quick get-away this summer with your family, plan to make your house look lived in during that time. Arrange for the mail to be stopped, automatic lights to turn on, and a neighbor to care for your lawn. Be sure to set your security system and alert the police to your absence. Our surveillance and smart home systems can help you keep an eye on things while you are away through an app on your smartphone. Check out some of the services we offer for home security. 

Don’t be complacent during the summer months when it comes to your home’s security. Talk to our specialists who can advise you on the system that would most benefit your property and your home.