Why Your Small Business Needs an Alarm System

April 5, 2023 9:29 am Published by

There are over 700,000 small businesses in Massachusetts according to the Small Business Administration. From retail stores to restaurants, and from business consulting firms to cleaning services, small businesses run the gamut of fields and power our economy both at the state and federal levels. 

While these small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, far too many of them don’t take the steps necessary to protect their investment through a security system. 

Here are a few reasons why your small business should consider installing an Instant Alarm Business Security Alarm system that is monitored 24/7 at a central monitoring station

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Protection of Business Assets 

The top reason why small businesses have an alarm system installed is to protect their business assets whether that includes the product(s) being sold, the physical building, computers, and other equipment, or the most important asset of every business – the human assets. 

Security alarm systems for businesses can not only alert emergency services of a potential robbery in progress, but also of scenarios such as fire, flood, or poisonous fumes such as carbon monoxide. Owners will be alerted to the circumstances as well as the appropriate emergency authorities. 


Sadly, some risks in a workplace come from not only outside but also come from internal issues such as employees taking funds from the register or accessing areas that are not allowed. The malicious intent of an employee is not new but improvements in technology make it easier to safeguard your business inside and out and potentially deter an employee from committing a crime for fear of apprehension. 

A surveillance system can help keep a watchful eye over the business should malicious incidents occur such as stealing the products or accessing areas that are off-limits. There will be a video record of what happened for law enforcement agencies as well as for insurance purposes. 

Remote Monitoring 

Small business owners often spend quite a bit of time growing their businesses which may mean copious amounts of time on-site. However, having a security system that includes a remote monitoring feature can give owners peace of mind when they are away from their workplace. Being able to monitor access points, scan video surveillance, and know what lights are on or off and doors are locked/unlocked can mean the world to busy owners. 

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Alerting When Disaster Strikes 

As we mentioned above, Instant Alarm Business Security Systems aren’t just for monitoring when an intrusion or burglary occurs, but also when a disaster such as a fire, carbon monoxide leak, or water intrusion happens. 

If any of these incidents should occur, the system will alert the proper authorities such as the fire department, police, and emergency medical services. Time is of the essence and a business security system can shorten reaction times and potentially help ensure the continuity of your small business. 

Talk to our team at Instant Alarm about the types and features available on business alarms and what your small business may need to safeguard against a catastrophic event from destroying the business you have worked so hard to build.