About Instant Alarm

With over 65 years of quality service and experience, Instant Alarm is passionate about keeping your home or business under our 24/7 safe and secure protection.

Why Choose Instant Alarm?

We’re Passionate About Keeping Your Home Or Business Safe & Secure

Since our first installation in 1954, Instant Alarm maintains our commitment to provide high-quality alarm systems and security products, keeping our local North Shore community safe and secure from various threats and dangers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our security and alarm systems monitor and prevent threats before they occur, from home security systems and carbon monoxide detectors to business alarms systems and security cameras.

Timely Alarm System Service

Burglars, fires, and other threats such as carbon monoxide poisoning do not rest, so neither do we. At Instant Alarm, we provide timely alarm systems service on a 24-hour basis, ensuring the safety and security of your home or business. Our professional, courteous, and highly-trained alarm system technicians arrive in easily recognizable lettered vehicles before quickly, efficiently, and effectively solving any alarm system issue, minimizing disruption and providing essential peace of mind.

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About Instant Alarm

Innovating Alarm Systems In Pursuit Of Continuous Safety & Security

Over 65 years ago, the founder of our company installed his first commercial burglar alarm system. In doing so, he immediately recognized the need to enhance the safety and security of the business and homeowners in his community by providing them with state-of-the-art security systems such as security cameras, home fire alarms, and duress systems, to name a few.

Our Philosophy

We earn the business of our clients by providing exceptional cutting-edge alarm products and security system services. We keep our clients’ business by working tirelessly to provide lightning-fast repair or maintenance services, ensuring that all of our customers, residential and commercial alike, are under our 24-hour protection. Our alarm systems currently include burglar, fire, IP video surveillance, and access control systems to a wide range of customers in the commercial, financial, municipal, industrial, and residential marketplaces.