How Smart Home Security Can Protect Your Family

May 8, 2019 8:55 am Published by

How do you protect your family? Seatbelts in the car, helmets while riding a bike, and eating the right balance of foods are probably a few of the ways that you could rattle off right away. But what about your home? Other than locking your doors and windows, what safeguards do you use to make sure your family is safe from intruders, fire, or carbon monoxide? Here are a few ways that installing smart technology in your home could help protect your family from a variety of potential threats.

Securing Main Entrances of the Home

The front door to your home is the main thoroughfare to the inside of your home and, more importantly, to your family. Make sure that the door locks are strong, yet accessible to family members. Many families are switching to automatic home locking systems or easy-to-use keypads that children can access after school without a key. Using smart technology, homeowners can lock and unlock doors remotely. This could be extremely helpful if your child is always losing their house key or you need to give access to dog walkers, caretakers, or utility people looking to provide maintenance.

A doorbell camera is also a great idea for families who would like to know who is at the main entrance without having to go to the door. This is a great option for people who have mobility issues and for children who come home alone after school and want to know who is at the door. It is just another added layer of security to give your family members peace of mind.

Lighting Inside and Outside of the Home

An often overlooked aspect of home security is lighting both inside and outside of the home. Through the use of smart home automation systems, lighting can be scheduled to turn on and off at certain times of the day/night. Lighting, especially in areas where there are access points to a home, can deter an intruder from even trying to enter the property. Motion sensors are also recommended to account for movement around the main access points to the home.

Exterior Home Security Cameras

Technology has come a long way in the past few years. There are many options when it comes to “seeing” your home while you are away on vacation or just away for the day at work. Security cameras can keep an eye on your home and send an alert if window or door sensors have been set off. It is a great way to keep an eye on things while you can not be at home.

Smoke/Fire Alarms For Home Protection

Of course, an integral part of any smart home system is alerting of a family to a life-threatening situation such as smoke, fire, or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Smart systems can not only alert you to the presence of these dangers but can tell you when the batteries need changing. If you choose a system that has 24/7 monitoring, emergency response will be contacted for you while you find your way to safety.

Stay Connected With Smart Technology

Depending upon the type of system you choose, your tablet, smartphone, or computer can be configured so you can monitor all of your smart technology seamlessly even while you are not at home. You can arrange to get alerts if an alarm has gone off, a sensor has been triggered, or even if the lights have been left on. The system you choose can be customized for your family’s needs and upgraded as your needs change. Smart home tech can help you stay connected and protect your family from wherever you are. 

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