Making Your Property Less Attractive to Burglars

August 15, 2018 12:00 pm Published by

Having your property broken into and robbed must be terrifying. While I have never been robbed, and never hope to be, I can only imagine the panic that sets in after a family discovers that they’ve been robbed. As with most situations, there are two sides to every story. As such, let’s take a look at what goes on inside the mind of a burglar and what makes a property attractive to him/her:

Common Targets For Home Robberies

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Many burglars, no matter how stupid the act may seem, are actually proactive, smart, and savvy when planning their attacks. While most movies show burglaries at night – the wife hears a noise downstairs and the husband grabs a bat and tells her to stay put in the bedroom or check on the kids while he investigates – the truth of the matter is that most burglaries happen during the day when the occupants are at work and school. A “smart” burglar will scope out the house for at least a couple of days to figure out everyone’s schedules and when the house will be empty. In other cases, the burglar will knock on the door just to make sure that no one is home.

Burglars Target Families Out Of Town

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It’s summer and people are planning their vacations before fall rolls around and the kids go back to school. When people go on vacation for an extended period of time, it can become apparent if they don’t take the proper precautions (e.g. newspapers and mail pile up, the lawn is neglected, no lights on at night, a vacant driveway). To thwart a potential burglary, notify your neighbors that you will be out of town and for how long. Entrust them with collecting your mail everyday. In the case of a neglected lawn, you would do well to hire a landscaping company to manicure your landscape. Put lights on timers to make the house look occupied at night. Finally, you might ask your friends or a neighbor to park in your driveway if you plan to take your car with you.

Make Your Property Less Attractive to Burglars

It’s no secret that burglars look to loot your property of all your valuables. But how do they know that you have anything worth a pretty penny? They can look through your windows and see all your valuables when narrowing down their target, similar to window shopping. For this reason, you should move all your valuables out of plain sight to deter burglars. Place your belongings away from the view of first-story windows. Similarly, if you have a luxury car, either park it out of sight from the street or in a garage. The idea is to make your home less of an attractive target so that burglars go elsewhere.

At Instant Alarm, we know that many homeowners worry about being robbed. It’s worth knowing what makes a property attractive to a burglar, and how to make your house less of a target. These are just a few of the many ways to deter burglars away from your property. For all your home security needs, questions, and concerns, contact Instant Alarm by phone at 800-499-9070, or visit our website at