Security Checklist for your summer vacation!

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Tips For Enjoying a Fun & Safe Summer Vacation

School is out and summer is here. For many in the Greater Boston area , the North Shore & down South that means packing the bags and the car and embarking on a vacation.

We want you to have a fun and safe summer vacation, so as you make your travel arrangements take a moment to go through these quick safety tips.

Prepare your home – Arm your security system , lock your doors and windows, turn your thermostat down.

Keep your entryway clean. If solicitors are regularly leaving materials at your door or in your driveway, ask a family member, friend or trusted neighbor to collect these items for you.

Put your newspaper and mail on hold. Most post offices and newspapers will temporarily suspend delivery to avoid items from accumulating in your mailbox or driveway.

Eliminate potential hazards. Unplug appliances and other electronics that aren’t in use while you’re way.

Make sure the home looks lived in. Ask your neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway while you’re away.

Don’t forget the yard work. If you don’t already use a lawn service, consider hiring one. Burglars look for homes with tall grass, weedy flowerbeds and untrimmed hedges.

Keep spare keys hidden. Be sure to move spare house and car keys to a safety deposit box or other secure location.

Use a custom home security system. Statistics show that homes with an in home security system have significantly lower break-ins than homes that do not have alarms.

Don’t announce you’ll be away. Try to tell as few people as necessary that you’ll be out of town. Avoid announcing your absence on your answering machine, voicemail, Facebook or other social media outlets.

Keep exterior buildings locked. Lock up all ladders, tools, and other items that could be used to aid in burglary.

Consider remote monitoring – For ultimate peace of mind, consider getting remote monitoring services. You can then keep tabs on your home from your phone, tablet, computer or other web-enabled device. MYINSTANT

Although there are no guarantees that someone won’t break into your home, these preventative measures can help lessen the chances you will be victimized by a home invasion.

While on vacation consider these tips:

Take minimal amounts of cash – Bring only enough cash for an emergency and the credit or debit cards you need. The fewer valuable items in your possession, the less you will lose if you are robbed.

Don’t look like a tourist – When you get out of your vehicle, make sure that maps, luggage and other items that show you are from out of town are not visible. Thieves often view tourists as easier targets.

Be familiar with the area – Study up on the areas you will be visiting so you can travel confidently. Nothing screams “tourist” more than a couple of people standing on a street corner staring at a map with a confused look on their faces.

Avoid flashing your valuables – Try to keep a low profile. Don’t display any expensive jewelry, cameras or bags. Thieves target objects they know are very valuable.

Use your resources – If you are staying at a hotel, check with the front desk on suggested routes and places to visit. They are usually from the area and know it well enough to tell you what areas to avoid.

Stay together – Keep your group together as much as possible. Avoid going out by yourself. You are a much easier target alone than in a group. Keep an eye on children at all times.

With the help of these tips and careful planning, you can enjoy a fun and safe summer vacation with your family.

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