access control

Commercial Access Control Systems

Control Access To Your Building, Office, or Facility

Access to your business should be a privilege, not a revolving door for anyone to waltz on in. Limiting access to your building or to certain areas filled with confidential information is a business operations strategy that should not be neglected. 

Picking The Perfect Access Control Systems For Your Business

At Instant Alarm, we deliver and install the best commercial access control systems on the market in the Salem, MA, area. Our access control systems are handpicked, ensuring that they fit the specific needs of your company and the areas that require limited access.

Our Commercial Access Control Systems Can:

  • Designate Individual Entry
  • Provide Detailed Report of Persons Entering Building or Facilities
  • Deny Access Unless A Key Card is First Presented
  • Limit Access to Computer & File Rooms, and Other Confidential Areas
You do not need a phone line for monitoring. We offer wireless and internet monitoring options