Active Shooter Response

Active Shooter Response Threat Alert System

Every second counts in an active shooter situation, whether it’s a school shooter or workplace incident. In fact, seconds could mean the difference between life and death.

The ASR Threat Alert System is designed to shave precious seconds, if not minutes, off the emergency responders’ response time, all while simultaneously notifying law enforcement, hospitals and ERs, and others in the area of the event.

The ASR Threat Alert System directly notifies first responders, bypassing the traditional 911 systems, in the case of an event. With the press of a button, officers and dispatch are directly notified of the incident, along with the address and location within the building. Additionally, a floorplan of the building, building schematics, aerial photographic views, live camera feeds, and the direct location of the incident are gained through this alerting system.

The system also notifies in a visual and audible manner those in the same building as the attack to give them time to safeguard themselves. Notifications can be customized for schools and organizations

The Crisis

Mass shootings are a common recurrence in the United States. According to the Gun ViolenceArchive, the U.S. experiences 10 mass shootings every week. In 2021 there were 693 mass shootings. This crisis has reached epidemic proportions.

Gun violence, particularly shootings in schools and the workplace, is a uniquely American phenomenon that seems to be growing in frequency and level of fatalities with each passing year. Each statistic of these events represents a person (often a child) injured or killed.


Saving Time Saves Lives

The average police response time to a gun attack is 18 minutes, while an active shooter situation generally lasts less than 13.5 minutes. That means that first responders arrive after the event and not in time to save lives.

The ASR Threat Alert System improves that traditional response time of 9-1-1 and expands the communication to include other people in the building, EMTs, hospitals, ERs, and law enforcement… all with the press of a button.

The ASR Threat Alert System is fully scalable and customizable to the needs of any organization, business, or school. Installation is non-invasive, performed by professionals, and can be completed in a timely manner relative to the size and structure of the facility.

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