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Security Camera Systems For Your Business

Stay Vigilant With Our Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial security cameras systems are one of the strongest tools when it comes to criminal activity prevention, intervention, and investigation. The advances in modern technology have improved camera system performance, making high-end video surveillance accessible for small and local businesses on the North Shore of Massachusetts. 


Video Surveillance Systems Tailored For Your Business

At Instant Alarm, we install and maintain a variety of the best security camera systems available, meeting your business security needs. Our camera systems allow you to:

Take Advantage of High-Definition Picture Quality

High-definition picture quality allows you a clear and concise picture of any event or incident, sparing no detail, which is certainly helpful for internal and legal investigations. 

Easily Search For An Event or Incident

With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to search, retrieve, and view specific incidents and timestamps without having to comb through hours of surveillance footage. 

Remote Viewing

View your surveillance footage from anywhere at any time, even when miles from the office, to monitor employees, customers, or the workplace environment.

You do not need a phone line for monitoring. We offer wireless and internet monitoring options