Frequently Asked Questions

What is a verification form (V-Form)?

The verification form displays what we currently have on record for your account at our Central Station. The authorized person(s) needs to verify that all the information on the V-form is accurate. If desired changes may be made directly on the V-Form. Please sign where appropriate. You may submit these changes by mail, fax or email.

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Who needs to have a passcard number/word?

Any person who is authorized to be at your premise and use the alarm system will need a passcard number/word. With this number /word they can cancel a false alarm, make account inquiries, place the system in test mode as well as request service.

Level 1 card holders are the only people that can make permanent changes to the account record in the Central Station.

Passcards can be numbers or words or a combination of both, but can not exceed 10 characters including spaces. You may choose individual passcards for each user or have one "all ok" universal word/number. If you do not submit a number/word when the account is set up (3) digit numbers will be randomly selected for you.

What happens when my alarm goes off?

Call the Central Station if you accidently trip your system 1-800-499-9070

On a burglary signal the Central Station will follow the call list that was submitted to us. Generally the Premises are the first call followed by the police department then your call list. In attempt to cut down on false alarms called into the police which can incur false alarm charges by them to you we suggest that we have at least one number to call to try to verify an alarm before police notification. If we are unable to reach a passcard holder to verify a false alarm or we reach someone who does not have a passcard the police will be called.

*Please note that the alarm system must use a telephone line to transmit signals to the Central Station. During the brief period of the time that your system is sending the alarm signal to the Central Station, you will be unable to use your phone. That is because the alarm system seizes the telephone line and preempts normal telephone use. This can result on our dispatchers getting a busy signal when trying to call the premises. After a couple of attempts if we still can't through to the premises due to a busy signal or answering machine the police will be called. Only when all emergency transmissions are complete will your telephone line be released. If available it is beneficial to give us a secondary number we can get through to the premises on. (like a cell phone).

TIP: Program the Central Station's phone number into your cell phones for quick and easy access to the monitoring station for all of your family members.

Residential Fire Alarms - Most towns do allow us to place a call to the premises to see if an emergency exists or if the alarm was triggered by cooking, cleaning, construction, fireplaces etc.... Some towns however require us to call them first on all alarms received.

Commercial Fire Alarms - The fire department will always be called first on all fire signals. We will only call the premises first on a commercial location with written consent from the fire department.

Generally once the fire department is called they WILL NOT cancel a dispatch

Why do I need to put my account on test/place out of service

Anytime time you would like to ignore signals coming into the Central Station from your system you will need to call into the Central Station with a passcard to place the system on test. While your system is in "test" mode the Central Station will not call anyone on the signals you have asked us to disregard including the police and/or fire departments. The test mode will not prevent the alarm system from sounding at the location.

Burglary & trouble signals can only be placed on test for a period up to 2 weeks. If you do require the system on test longer than 2 weeks we require that request to be in writing.

Fire systems can only be placed on test a day at a time. If more time is needed we need approval from the fire department in writing.

Should I test my system?

Yes, periodically we recommend that you test your alarm system. You always want to make sure your alarm system is in good working condition. This should include changing any batteries for wireless devices and that the communication between your alarm and the Central Station has not been compromised.

**Note** Always test your system after any work has been done that could have affected the operation of your alarm system. Especially if you change your telephone service.**

Call our office when you change phone providers, in many cases customers forget to test the alarm when phone or other utility companies are working in your home. Remember if you shut your phone service off - you are placing your system in jeopardy for reporting alarms & events.

Will my alarm system continue to work if we lose power?

Yes! Your Alarm system is equipped with battery backup, so your system will continue to operate for several hours after a power failure.

If I have a problem after hours is there anyone that can help?

Yes, Our 24 hour Central Station is always available for help. Just call 1-800-499-9070 & speak with one of our trained dispatchers. In the event that your situation requires more technical assistance we always have a licensed technician available 24-7 to call you or if needed respond to your location.

Is service included with my monitoring fee?

No, service is provided on a time and material basis. We do offer our Residential VIP Service Program for an additional fee. Please call for details.

Can I make a payment with check by phone?

No, at this time you can only pay by check through the mail or through your financial institutions web site if they offer that service.

Do you accept payment by credit card or debit card?

Yes, We accept all major credit/Debit cards..Visa, Mastercard, Discovery & American Express. To make a payment using these methods Call 1-978-744-9070 ext 128

Do we offer automatic payments?

No not at this time.