Alarm System

Wireless Home Alarm Systems

We are committed to protecting your home, family and valuables by providing a comprehensive security system. Our security consultant will work with you to design a home alarm that addresses your family’s security concerns. Our systems are easy to use and are designed with your lifestyle in mind. And if a family member happens to be a cat or a dog there is no need to worry- we offer equipment manufactured specifically for pets. No need to be concerned about wires being run in your house- we offer wireless systems when wiring is not desirable.

Your security system will be monitored by our operators at our own UL Listed central monitoring station.

We also provide:

Instant Connect (total connect) services allowing you to:

  • Arm or disarm your alarm system using your phone or other mobile device
  • Receive text notifications from your alarm system so you always know the status of your home

Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance!

Depending on your insurance company, you may save up to 20% off your home insurance policy by having our system installed and monitored.

Call for a free, no obligation security survey.

You do not need a phone line for monitoring. We offer wireless and internet monitoring options